According to the US Women’s Wear Daily News, a representative of the US luxury brand Ralph Lauren announced that the second half would cut advertising costs, particularly in the delivery of paper media. As part of the company’s progressive transformation strategy, Ralph Lauren said it would take more cost-cutting measures to reduce trafficking in the United States and Europe, but did not disclose whether serving in Greater China will also be reduced.
It is reported that, Ralph Lauren has been part of the fashion magazine sent the cancellation notice served, and the amount invested in some fashion media will also be reduced. The source said, Ralph Lauren still plans to put some media, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ Style ,, New York Times and Wall Street Journal, but the amount invested greatly reduced than before. In addition the company of Hearst’s media brands serving several are greatly reduced compared to before, a list of some of the media have been marginalized out of the running program.
However, the company spokesman declined to specify which of several media have been withdrawn and the proportion of media delivery cuts, Ralph Lauren said the current plans to increase contributions to their official website.
Since the 2016 fiscal year, Ralph Lauren every quarter sales are declining, resulting in full-year sales fell nearly 3%. The company official, adversely affected closed shop, inventory and store traffic and other weak person, business more difficult this year, double-digit decline in net revenue will appear. As part of the restructuring, expected during the 2017 fiscal year we will continue to shut down more than 50.

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