Into the summer, cool and stylish become a new topic of men, as one of the few active shirt, polo shirt is more appropriate than a single product, but people know it can not always get rid of the image of the movement of sweat, polo shirt as fashion show regulars, in fact, has already trained more than one dwelling ability, too much blame on the court edge, it covers a lot of fashionable nature.

Polo shirts come from the late 19th century, polo originated in India has Houmian wear the traditional long-sleeved shirt, the British colonists in 1862 the sport and its accessories back to his polo shirt countries, however complex the British aristocratic attire does not apply to the intense tennis tournament, the French Open champion in 1933 RenĂ©Lacoste to a “mesh knit pullovers” improved polo shirt face and the establishment of specialized production tennis sportswear brand Lacoste , Polo shirt was born.

Classic brand Polo shirt is very particular emphasis inconsistent chip length, slightly longer than the front sheet after sheet in the first game to pull up when the clothes will not appear unsightly, old Polo shirt is a polo club uniforms, pay attention to style the club will badge embroidered on the chest reflects elitism. Modern Polo shirt is a lot of lively, in addition to the common foreign brand logo, such as Uniqlo also offers a variety of colors Polo shirt material selection, not so much a movement of a single product, as it is another more formal everyday T shirt.

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