In the 19th century, the United States Brooks Brothers grandson of the founder John E.Brooks to European buyers. In England, he watched a polo match, and noted that athletes collar buttons are fixed together to prevent wind flap. John E. Brooks put this idea back to the United States and applied on a dress shirt. This tip collar button – a dress shirt by the advent of a classic, forever changed the face of men.

Polo shirt can become the way we take for granted today, the contribution of French tennis player Jean Rene Lacoste had to mention: A lot of people think he is the inventor of the modern Polo shirt. Traditional dress with polo players, like fashion due to the light weight of the actual aristocratic tradition, tennis players dress is also very inconvenient movement. Early 20th-century white tennis clothes long-sleeved buttoned shirt, athletes often roll up your sleeve. When tennis started having more and more strong competitive athletes began to use their brains in the dress.

Lacoste felt starched tennis shirt that is not comfortable to wear, so start tennis dress designed to meet their requirements. In his view, on the tennis court with its sleeves rolled up and then, as simply designed as a short-sleeved. He designed a tennis shirt without collar sizing, as well as a longer backswing, easy to tuck into the pants.

Another important innovation is the use of beads and cloth. This fabric is wear-resistant, quick-drying, breathable, so that Lacoste design popular. He had his own nickname “Crocodile” brand on every shirt has a crocodile LOGO.

Lacoste tennis shirt to wear their own design to participate in the 1926 US Open and won this trend whereby sensation. Tennis is not only a lot of other sports athletes have begun to put Lacoste tennis shirt. It is particularly worth mentioning is that the collar polo player also started to put up the sun, which is perhaps later collar source wave.

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