In Men Polo T Xu famous Ralph Lauren, because of poor sales of poor management, the company is currently going through a painful period of BPR. June 7 the same day, announced the brand new CEO will perform the reconstruction plan to close 50 stores, cut 1,000 people.

Built in 1968, Ralph Lauren, has been the typical American dream of brand endorsements. Its products from clothing to furniture, from perfume to extend the vessel depicted in all fashion details American high society. Once the most beautiful in decades, everyone can buy Ralph Lauren clothing to be proud of, as well as male customers at home essential Polo shirt, coupled with the familiar logo polo, it is a household name. In recent years, the operating conditions may be deteriorating, founder Ralph Lauren has publicly stated in an interview, the company needs to make changes.

So the last 11 years, Ralph Lauren ushered in a new CEO Stefan Larsson. In the fast fashion brand H & M and GAP exploits numerous professionals who help physical layout H & M stores in 12 countries from rapid expansion to 33 countries, sales increased by $ 14 billion. In 2012 to become president of GAP’s Old Navy brand, by strengthening the brand fast fashion clothing input, so that within a period of three years Old Navy profitable growth, sales increased by more than 1 billion US dollars.

Last year, net sales fell 3% turnaround situation makes Ralph Lauren’s determination is stronger and give up 50 stores should be part of a company restructuring plan. Compared to the past 15 months, the production of clothing to settled life cycle of physical stores, the brand is trying to shorten the period to nine months, as did fast fashion brand. The company also hopes to enhance customer consumer expectations, closer relationships with customers, in other words, to encourage consumers to consume more branded goods.

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