Top with Polo shirt Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) decided to further savings in the fall, will cut off part of the magazine’s advertising, primarily for the implementation of the United States and Europe.
Ralph Lauren spokesman said the plan is part of the strategy of the company, “The Way Forward.” While refused to disclose the specific reduction ratio of advertising, but he pointed out that this trend is happening in the luxury goods industry and the magazine industry. In addition to reducing advertising in the 2017 fiscal year, Ralph Lauren also expected to switch off the 50 stores, business focus will shift to improve the user experience on the official website.

In fact, last spring, Ralph Lauren had been issued to a number of media advertising cancellation notice, and to reduce the number of pages on other brand magazines. The report did not mention the names of these magazines, but there are sources, Ralph Lauren still retains part of the magazine’s advertising, these magazines are mostly line of authority of the media, such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ, GQ Style, New York Times, Wall Street Journal Wait. But the intensity may be served as they used to, like this year, it will not put on a catalog of Vanity Fair.

However, on the reduction of events to conclude that fashion magazines are not good also unfair. On the one hand, there are certain problems business strategy and profit situation of Ralph Lauren itself. Last year, Ralph Lauren announced a reorganization of the business, in response to the Asian market – especially in Hong Kong and Macau – a slowdown in growth performance, improve management efficiency.

On the other hand, for some of the top luxury brands, the need for authoritative print media still. According to Digiday data that in 2015, 53% of the brand increased digital ads, and print media serving decreased by 2%. But that nine of the top fashion magazines is still alive and well, and even advertising revenue also grew 15 percent, as they tend to give the brand a full page advertisement, which helps showcase product details.

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