Ralph Lauren Corp. (NYSE: RL) Ralph Lauren income has been falling for a sixth season, in addition to the dollar, and the huge profit margins destocking oppression restructuring plan expenditure in the last quarter of the 2017 fiscal year, a group made more profit to loss, but adjusted EPS was better than market expectations, stimulate the Group’s share price before the market opened on Wednesday surged more than 8%.

Up to a quarter of the July 2, Ralph Lauren Corp. The adjusted EPS of $ 1.09 from last year fell to $ 1.06, but still far better than market expectations of $ 0.89, lighted from the recovery of the market for the new CEO Stefan Larsson plans to reverse the decline over the past two years, profits continued to shrink vision.

Period, the Group’s revenue $ 1.552 billion, slightly better than the market expected $ 1.52 billion, compared with $ 1.618 billion over the same period last year by 4.1%. Accounting for only three percent of international revenue growth of 10% offset by a 11% decline in the North American domestic market.

Fixed exchange rate of same-store sales fell 7 percent, extending more than 5% decline in the fourth quarter, but FactSet expected to fall by 0.9% only. Same-store sales weakness in retail sales dropped by 3.0% to $ 907 million. Wholesale revenue decline of 5.4%, revenue fell to $ 607 million, mainly due to the US department store channel continues to suffer the impact of reduced traffic, but Europe is to achieve growth.

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