Living in a budget




Constant is boring and constantly doing the same thing over and over again can really take it’s toll on us. The same goes for saving. We are constantly exposed to saving, living frugally, budgeting and so on that I get tired of constantly planning and saving. Life seems drab after a while. Where spending is a frivolous passtime and frugality is looked upon as the epitome of ideal living by the financial experts, budgeting can take the edge off both.

Budgeting can be fun and give you more freedom than you imagine. Think of dividing your entire pay into compartments. Each compartment reserved for a different spend – savings compartment, retirement compartment, household compartment, Bills compartment and so on. Pick up the household compartment and think how you can spend the money in the best way possible. You have a budget and you can get creative with it. For example you can go organic on a budget. Reach for a farmers market and make the purchases at the end of the day when the supplies go on a discount. Go vegetarian, you can get creative with the dishes and move to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier bank balance. Think what you enjow and work it into your budget. Go for a run and walk in the park instead of the gym. You just might enjoy the outdoor and fresh air. Think fun and the list of ideas will grow. Budget does not mean boring and denying. Think of budgeting as a replacement with creative planning and you are on your way to creating a healthy life and a healthy bank balance.

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