In 2016, Ralph Lauren once again to the theme of fine jewelry, with the introduction of two new art deco-inspired diamond watch, the traditional watchmaking and advanced technology to create a professional jewelry inlaid infinite style.

“My RL888 and 867 series inspired by Madison Avenue flagship store”, Ralph Lauren said, “I think through the elegant fine jewelry piece of luxury timepieces to praise the world.”

Two new diamond watches are in use and appearance features 867 RL888 series, the Roman numerals and 阿拉伯数字 bold combination dial decorated with Geneva corrugated vertical; fired by the “big fire” (Grand Feu) made of enamel, this process is also rare in the field of watchmaking. As a limited edition and unique RL888 diamond watch, watch their back is decorated with a unique number engraved by hand, that is, its serial number; the same unique number engraved on the back of the 867 limited edition diamond watch eight.

From the gem cutting and inlay to the base 18k platinum complex production process, and finally embedded in Swiss-made quartz movement diamond watch RL888 spent a total of 600 hours. Bezel and strap decorated with stunning art deco design, and studded with 414 square diamonds, 159 black spinel, 13 diamonds and one rose-shaped diamonds, total weight of about 17.31 kt while feminine 18k white gold band is provided with six adjustable links, can use this personalized adjustment. 38 mm case diameter delicate and beautiful appearance, with elegant white enamel dial embraced.

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