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It is difficult for luxury brand owners to make money now

According to the US Women’s Wear Daily News, a representative of the US luxury brand Ralph Lauren announced that the second half would cut advertising costs, particularly in the delivery of paper media. As part of the company’s progressive transformation strategy, Ralph Lauren said it would take more cost-cutting measures to reduce trafficking in the …

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How should we wear polo shirts?

Into the summer, cool and stylish become a new topic of men, as one of the few active shirt, polo shirt is more appropriate than a single product, but people know it can not always get rid of the image of the movement of sweat, polo shirt as fashion show regulars, in fact, has already …

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Growth of luxury demand in Burma

“Everyone has a crazy hobby, for me, that is, cars and watches,” automotive engineers from Yangon Thiri Thein Than said. Thiri Thein Than 40-year-old, for many years he often went overseas high-end shopping. But in March this year, Thiri Thein Than went to a open Inya Lake in Yangon Sedona Hotel Fa Mulan (Franck Muller) …

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Top 10 fashion sunglasses madd in shenzhen

Glasses contest, who is the most stylish? Recently, the 2016 Shenzhen top ten fashion eyewear brand selection contest in Shenzhen Henggang glasses fashion e ยท city officially launched 28 brand glasses from Shenzhen Submissions. Eventually, more than ten award-winning brand and an excellent brand list released one by one. More than 20 business representatives have …

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Microsoft sued the Department of Justice of United States

On September 2, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet other technology giants join forces to support the US Department of Justice against Microsoft Legal want to spy on its users’ privacy and developed. United States dozens of businesses, media, and other organizations to support joint Microsoft, against the government “gag order”, in order to protect the user’s privacy …

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What trousers are the best fit for polo shirts?

POLO shirt wearing not only convenient, but also a wild single product. Whether casual or formal occasions are to put on a party. Although simple, the right mix of fashion sense, but also give people a sense of youth and the different mix of methods be able to play a variety of styles Here’s a …

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