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New Ralph Lauren watch in 2016

The new models RL888 Ralph Lauren line is the first designed specifically for women’s watches round series. It is located on Madison Avenue flagship store in New York, 888 women named, the appearance of modern fashion, including rose gold and stainless steel models 18k, diamond or ordinary models, as well as an Art Deco styling …

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The past and present of polo shirts

In the 19th century, the United States Brooks Brothers grandson of the founder John E.Brooks to European buyers. In England, he watched a polo match, and noted that athletes collar buttons are fixed together to prevent wind flap. John E. Brooks put this idea back to the United States and applied on a dress shirt. …

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Local homestay brands from Jiangsu

Ashi Dayton can be said that is accompanied by the Fashion Festival grew up local brands. In 2003, Ashi Dayton opened its first retail store, and is the first in the SPA’s asset-light model, namely the Liberal brand specialty retailers business model. In this mode, the low value-added production processes outsourcing all, do not produce …

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Fashion Marketing Upgrade

On August 11th, Honda front range of the main reasons to join Jacky Tide brand jointly design DSP ten city tour in Chongqing began. Honda Deputy Minister of Business Division Sales Fu Jinming said that this cooperation will achieve cross-brand front range (CITY) MODE Fashion Marketing new round of upgrades; Honda hopes more dollars, richer, …

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Facebook has restructured management system

Facebook said in an emailed statement currently working in Milan will officially leave Bonuo Mo September 16. France, Italy and Iberia is now divided into southern Europe, led by Laurent Solly (Laurent Solly). Soli will continue to serve as business manager in France. “We have decided to adjust our structure in Europe, Middle East and …

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What is the real meaning of polo shirts?

In Summer, boys wear most clothing is the T-shirts and polo shirts for polo shirts, our understanding is that lapel T-shirt, in fact, this is the most superficial understanding of the polo shirt collar is what is meant is not known, there are some people would ask what brand polo shirt, polo shirt so most …

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