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Ralph Lauren developed two new diamond watches

In 2016, Ralph Lauren once again to the theme of fine jewelry, with the introduction of two new art deco-inspired diamond watch, the traditional watchmaking and advanced technology to create a professional jewelry inlaid infinite style. “My RL888 and 867 series inspired by Madison Avenue flagship store”, Ralph Lauren said, “I think through the elegant …

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Polo shirts have become more and more sexy

Polo shirt is considered to be between clothing T-shirt and shirt between, unlike the former as too casual and uninhibited, not like the latter is so serious a conservative, but with a kind of dynamic style. From the fabric is, Polo shirts tend to use a softer thick and breathable fabric production, not only more …

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French luxury clothing brand GERBE was acquired by a company in Chongqing

On September 7, reporters from Chongqing godsend Springs (Group) Co., Ltd. was informed that the group’s recent competitive auction, the price of 16 million euros to the acquisition of the French luxury clothing brand – Stephanie Berger (GERBE). Currently, the brand in Japan, Beijing, Chongqing and Taiwan Province of China and other countries and regions …

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Home haircut Experience

I a famous fashion magazine work, at a friend’s eyes is a flashy fashion OL, tall working environment, relationship between colleagues Well, you know, everyone is a good surface girlfriends, actually secretly obvious strong, not only at work infighting, drink dress from head to toe, which did not compare with each other, of course, also …

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How should we spend the money invested on car companies?

“Everyone is a car entrance.” Communication with CEO Li Jian, he repeatedly stressed this point. Earlier, in reference to all the car, most people think of the automobile market entrance. After this round of financing, the direction of all vehicle development will also vary. All cars will deal with the upstream and downstream cooperation related …

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Polo shirts are also lovely for beautiful girls

Do not just think POLO shirt man’s patent, even so the girls can wear a beautiful landscape! Do not look down a little sporty POLO shirt, it is no longer rigid, especially women’s version added a lot of pop elements become new after a single product, but by the fashionable favorite fine too. POLO shirt …

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