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Ralph Lauren revenues continued to decline in the first quarter

Ralph Lauren Corp. (NYSE: RL) Ralph Lauren income has been falling for a sixth season, in addition to the dollar, and the huge profit margins destocking oppression restructuring plan expenditure in the last quarter of the 2017 fiscal year, a group made more profit to loss, but adjusted EPS was better than market expectations, stimulate …

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What kind of polo shirts do beautiful girls love?

Do not just think POLO shirt man’s patent, even so the girls can wear a beautiful landscape! But do not underestimate a little sporty POLO shirt, it is no longer rigid, especially women’s version added a lot of new popular elements become a single product, the fashionable fine but by love it. So the question …

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The planning of clothing industry

Data from Guangdong Clothing Industry Association, the case of 2015, garment exports contrarian growth, this year from January to June, Guangdong clothing apparel export delivery value of the cumulative $ 41.18 billion, down 6.5%. Guangdong’s foreign trade is facing greater pressure garment, the overall weak external demand, overcapacity in some products affect orders, foreign trade …

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The fashion attitude of co-founder

Lee Coral (Coral) and Mr. Xu Yu in 1999 co-founded the fashion brand ochirly (EU force), in the subsequent course of development, as Heikki chief creative officer, she has been focusing on integration of urban women modern confident and relaxed in the brand in the elegant, fashion will be the perfect combination of art and …

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The promising future of E-WTP

“Foreigners ask me most frequently asked question is:?? What Chinese people like to own things How can we sell it to China, the future of cross-border e-commerce is the future of international trade” G20 summit on the eve of Hangzhou, Alibaba Group president and Executive Director Mike • Evans (Michael Evans) in Hangzhou Xixi Park …

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How should we wear polo more fashionably?

Rigid appearance so that people misunderstand Polo shirt, but carefully looking for this season the show is not difficult to find, Polo shirts have modern look up in the hands of designers, such as selecting a larger proportion of Michael Bastian collar or slightly oversize trend Fendi, subtle details of the changes is enough to …

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