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Ralph Lauren 867 series

With respect to the common round, square table more of a neat, chic style atmosphere circular case. Geometric shapes square meter modern fashion, unique personality is not too sharp. As modern women will be in neat calm ease, and still conceal their amorous. Three-dimensional curves of the case, not only reveal the charm of modern …

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Teach you how to put on a polo shirt

For polo shirt, the external evaluation has been in a state of polarization: love it or it will be regarded as a classic, it’s not like people think it’s too commercial. Despite mixed reviews, but enough to cause an item of discussion when it has been fire. No matter what other people’s assessment is, in …

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Clothes look so beautiful with ribbons

This year’s hot ribbon magical element that even simple models, plus after it, will immediately make you feel this dress is especially beautiful Xian Qi children also full! Ribbon elements occupy us throughout the summer, even if the autumn is still the major brands of the highlights, which the United States from the spring and …

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Brand update of new century department store

New Century Department Store Xindu century before being completed in autumn 2016 to adjust the mall, the mall will strengthen the image of the brand and strengthen customer upgrades to optimize the experience, innovative marketing and a series of adjustments, fast close to the consumer spending habits, and enhance the public, potential benign interactive audience, …

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Eating hot pot to become electricity supplier

Speaking of Chengdu, everyone will think of food, in fact, we start the process, feel that the city of Chengdu, is building a venture capital and dreams. Why do you say that? Because last year we all electricity suppliers made a nationwide provider of mobile entrepreneurship competition, Chengdu venture partners are very active, and many …

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What are polo shirts often used for?

As one of the legendary history of casual clothing, POLO shirt man’s wardrobe in the West has enjoyed a high share. Because, unlike collarless T-shirt that is too casual, not like stiff shirt as serious, very suitable with commercial entertainment occasions. Although POLO shirt style since its inception it has not changed much, but the …

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