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Ralph Lauren closed many shops worldwide

Ralph Lauren Corp. (NYSE: RL) Ralph Lauren Group’s new CEO Stefan Larsson “Wall Street Journal” on a large scale before the visit revealed that closed shop and thousands of layoffs in the report published on Monday, disc Group shares today trading session plunge more than 10%. With the Group’s restructuring plan in detail in today’s …

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Real sporting beauty by polo shirt

LACOSTE was born in 1933, it has been synonymous with relaxed elegance. With pure blood sport. By French tennis champion RenĂ© Lacoste uses lightweight breathable mesh fabric little relief, made of lightweight and comfortable short-sleeved shirts, replacing the traditional long-sleeved starched shirt, set off a revolution in men, thus creating for the people now well-known …

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The change and adjustment of traditional clothing brand

Erdos cashmere clothing brand as a national leader, a revolution in progress about the brand split. Recently, the Erdos brand held in Beijing on the theme “velvet Yao new” conference, declaring Erdos rebranding to create two new brand “Erdos 1980” and “ERDOS”. Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Jiu Ciwang and Zhen Shenduo interview Holdings vice …

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9 hot fashion items in this fall

As for fashion has a certain insight pro, the purchase of clothing each season has a lot of reason, that we can not impulsively buy buy buy a lot of things possible wearing season, but will be on a quarterly basis from hot single products carefully selected, choose more suitable for them, and more easy …

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Each stages of UC upgrade are closely related to the “connection”

Founded 12 years, UC upgrade each stage are closely related to the “connection.” UC from the development process, the first stage is simply appears as a browser, Internet speed and the main provincial traffic; the second stage to make navigation content aggregation, content introduced, bringing together the search, novels, videos, etc., to provide users with …

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Ricardo Nepal POLO shirt makes you brilliant during this season

Seemingly simple POLO shirt is the most fashionable of a single product, it is one of the men wardrobe essential single product. Simple foundation makes it suitable for a variety of styles, all kinds of fashion with ease. This season, Ricardo Nepalese men launched a characteristic POLO shirt. Many colors, pattern novel, breaking the previous …

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