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Ralph Lauren introduced two new high-end jewelry

In 2016, Ralph Lauren once again to the theme of fine jewelry, with the introduction of two new art deco-inspired diamond watch, the traditional watchmaking and advanced technology to create a professional jewelry inlaid infinite style. “My RL888 and 867 series inspired by Madison Avenue flagship store”, Ralph Lauren said, “I think through the elegant …

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Polo shirt men’s brand Criquet Shirts

Criquet Shirts Hobson Brown, co-founder, said: “Through our CircleUp found the perfect partner in the emerging field of consumer goods and their new ways of venture capital has a profound understanding, provides us with valuable expertise and resources in them. with the help of our every aspect from production to marketing, we will make progress. …

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You can try these magic clothes in summer if you feel so hot

Ordinary fabrics like cotton by convection can “mesh” fabric to heat, but in terms of heat radiation, which is detrimental for the heat. The body constantly exudes out of the heat radiation in the infrared band, and the general fabric will not only block the visible light, these will also heat radiation stopped. The polyethylene …

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Make your money both stylish and beautiful

Speaking of “moonlight clan”, the word appears to be both stylish and a little shy. Fashion is that it represents an advance in the philosophy of life, represents a wanton enjoy life, enjoy the time, live in the moment, adventurous personality and outlook on life. However, in the event of major events, such as sudden …

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Internet companies are really good choices to quit

Carrier communication-related groups raged, Internet circles but very calm – my circle of friends who not only some of the communications industry, the Internet, there are many people, mostly the latter. Internet circles for executives quit is not surprising, but this is the news in the communications loop, enough to show two different circles talent …

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Polo shirts specially for sports

POLO shirt originated in tennis, was first introduced by the Lacoste collar sweatshirt, but in the Polo Ralph Lauren brand launched after popular, and to introduce this type of clothing polo community, named for the “POLO” shirt. All along, many people think POLO shirt is a community elders “fashion icon” or sports wear will think …

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